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Updated: 8.13.98

This is a gallery of artwork that I've found. Some are from covers of Aliens comic books, but they're not the covers. Alot of the artwork here are done by Dave Dorman, and I got the pictures from If you have any artwork, please send it in.

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Dave Dorman

Dave Dorman is an OFFICIAL artist, and these pictures have been used in various Aliens books and other things.

Aliens going out to where the eggs are.

A strapped man (Marine?).

An Alien Queen being killed.

An obviously mad scientist.

An Alien Queen along with eggs.

United Systems Colonel Marine cyborgs?

A Marine observing part of a hive.

A picture of a man murged with a picture of eggs in a hive.

Destruction of an Alien hive.

A Predator and a human going against Aliens.

A chestburster coming out of Batman.

The first picture was the origional idea for this image. The difference between the two is that the first image has dog-like legs, but FOX didn't approve so Dorman had to change it so the legs were more human.