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ALIENS-NET Banner Exchange Programme

Aliens... Get Infested! (logo by Jim Harnock)

Welcome to Aliens... Get Infested! (Version 2.0!), your guide to Aliens comic books. This site is updated when new comics are released, or when upcoming comic books become new releases. You can find out what's new, what's coming up, and what's out there concerning Aliens comic books. Questions or comments can be e-mailed to the webmaster, Gord Thompson. Hope you like what you find here.

Major Updates


I've just signed up for Cyber Name. It's very cool. I now have a virtual URL which is, and it was for FREE! If you have a webpage with a long URL you should definately join up.


Well on Saturday I went up to Toronto, Ontario (even in this damn snow) and went the the Toronto Comicon II comic book convension. What did I get there? Not much since I only had 55 dollars to spend but what I did get are pretty cool. For Aliens I got an Aliens: Hive trade paperback (TPB), Aliens: Pig one-shot, Aliens: Mondo Pest which is alien bounty hunter Herk Mondo's first one-shot, and Aliens vs. Predator #3 which now gives me the whole original AvP series! I also got a Jason Vorhees (Friday The 13th) Movie Maniacs action figure, an Agent Daina Scully action figure for 5 bucks (normally runs for about 15) and the Resident Evil zombie action figure. A good haul for 55 dollars. Wanna know if there's a comic book convension near you? Then heard over to Wizard World Online and find out!

And a new little site is in the works from your's truely. A site focused on the badass alien bounty hunter Herk Mondo! It'll have reviews on his comic book appearences, information on our 'hero' and so much more including a list of people who would be perfect to play him in an Aliens movie. Stay tuned for this upcoming website.


HAPPY NEWYEAR to EVERYONE! It's time to make some New Years Resolutions you ain't gonna keep! The new year should be a kick ass one (since we're VERY close to the new millenium, which should make the show Millenium way more interesting). Also, the new year should hold new Aliens comic books, like Aliens: Apocalypse - Destroying Angels. And the new year will also be the 20th anniversary of the cult film ALIEN.


Just got another comic book plot idea and it has been added to the Your Plots section, so check it out!


Alright! The Your Plots section is now up! What does it have? It has Aliens comic book plot ideas made by YOU, the readers and fans of the Alien movies and the comic books. So far there are only 5 plots up by 2 people (2 plots of which are mine). Do you have a plot idea? Then send in your idea and it'll be added in no time!


The Platinum Xenomorph Award Look at what Get Infested just got! (And I mean just got 'cause I got this a minute ago!) The Platinum Xenomorph Award! Sweet isn't it? This site has already wont many awards, I just havn't been able to get an awards section up yet, but that'll be coming soon. So, enjoy lookin' at this nice shiny award, I know I will.

A nice and quick banner I made up for ALIENS-NET Banner Exchange Program is now the official banner of this site! Below is the banner and feel free to link to this site with the banner from your site!

Aliens... Get Infested!


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