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New Comics

The New Comics section showcases the latest and newly released Aliens comic books. It's updated whenever an Aliens comic book is released.

Latest Releases:

Aliens vs. Predator: Eternal #4 of 4

Written by: Ian Edington
Art by: Alex Maleev
Cover by: Glenn Fabry

Journalist Becka McBride and mystery man Gideon Lee finally come face to face -- though not in the way you'd expect. But there's still the matter of Aliens running around the sewers and subways. As Lee, Becka, and hired mercenary, Cabot, prepare for a final hunt, they know a band of Predators is waiting in the shadows to take on whoever is left standing.

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Written by: Warren Ellis, Art by: Chris Sprous
A crossover with teeth! Something sinister has invaded SKYWATCH, the Stormwatch orbiting platform, and then...silence. There are five hundred people people on board, including seven superhumans. Skywatch has raised it's inpenetrable STORM DOOR force-fields in a desprite attempt to quarantine itself. Now someone has to get those people out before it's too late. The WildC.A.T.s, using Void's teleportation powers, are the only ones who can get in and mop up -- But can they get out?September, 1998
Aliens vs. Predator: Eternal #3
Written by: Ian Edington, Art by: Alex Maleev, Cover by: Glenn Fabry
Aliens loose in a futuristic city causing mayhem and bloodshed is one thing. When they are pursued by Predators, the fiersest hunters in the galaxy, things quickly turn from bad to worse. One of the people caught in the middle is Becka Shaw, devil-may-care journalist and all-round trouble magnet. The other is Nor, techno-baron with a dark past. Becka won't let anyone get in the way of her story. Nor won't let anything stand between him and the secrets of immortality that the Predators hold. When these two clash, it might be the Aliens and Predators that run for cover!September, 1998
Aliens vs. Predator: Eternal #2
Writer: Ian Edington, Artist: Alex Maleev, Cover: Glenn Fabry
Becka Shaw is a talented reporter. He one flaw? She doesn't know when to quit. And when Aliens appear in a Hong Kong-style city, it's a safe bet that her flaw may prove fatal. On field assignment in Africa, she was reporting on a political uprising. But her journalistic sence uncovered s strange tail of clues. Like a moth to a flame, Becka can't resist breaking the story of a lifetime. No more than Predators can resist hunting the galaxy's deadliest killing machines.July, 1998
Aliens: Wraith
Writer: Jay Stephens, Artist: Eduardo Risso, Cover: Ronnie del Carmen
On Earth, or in the dark reaches of space, teenages are concerned with one thing: meeting other teenagers. It's no different for Roarke, the latest arrival to the off-world colony of Tirgu-Mires. He's making new friends fast, particularly with a young girl named Hope. But there's more to this farm colony than Roarke first suspected. Every town has a dark secret not spoken of in the light of day. Tirgu-Mires' secret just happens to have sharp teeth, acid blood and a murderous hunger for human flesh.July, 1998
Aliens vs. Predator: Eternal #1
Writer: Ian Edington, Artist: Alex Maleev, Cover: Glenn Fabry
In an opulent city of the future, a mysterious techno-baron controls the fate of the world. But, even with his fast riches and power, the black-clad figure known as Nor cannot stop the hand of death. Or can he? His thoughts are consumed by his latest discovery: a crash-landed Predator ship. It's his belief that Predators hold the key to eternal life. But even if he stands before the answers he seeks, is he willing to go through the Predators' deadly alien cargo to get it?June, 1998
Aliens: Glass Corridor
By: David Lloyd, Cover: David Lloyd
Frank is a hired serial killer with a problem. His conscience has caught up with him and now he's running from himself and his past. In his effort to escape, he encounters a band of stowaways who may provide him with the means for his redemption. When the freighter they are traveling on is threatened by an Alien, it appears that Frank is their only hope for survival.June, 1998