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Welcome to a section of Get Infested that shows a big preview (usually) straight from Dark Horse Comics! It tells you all about upcoming Aliens comic books. This section is updated whenever a large preview on an Aliens comic book is released by Dark Horse Comics.

Aliens: Apocalypse - Destroying Angels

Destroying Angels #1 (of 4) Aliens: Apocalypse - Destroying Angels is the latest Aliens comic book by Dark Horse, and could possibly the best. This four part series explains where the aliens origionated (all about it) and more. It looked like there weren't going to be any new Aliens comic books since the last new series ended in September, and that a new one hasn't come around. Until now. On this page is a whole preview of the book straight from Dark Horse Comics. Destroying Angels #2 (of 4)

In the deepest reaches of space, there are life forms more frightening than anything humans could ever conceive of -- even aside from our own destructive selves. On the big screen and on the pages of Dark Horse comics, humans have already encountered the skeletal creatures known as Aliens. With their acid blood, silent stalking, and endless capacity to kill, they are humanity's ultimate nightmare -- and in the new Aliens series by Mark Schultz and Doug Wheatley, an expedition crew come close to discovering the reason these fascinating creatures have made their way into our lives.

The revalations found in Aliens: Apocalypse -- Destroying Angels are an entirely new concept for the Aliens mythology, but, according to Schultz, they're also rooted in the events of the first, groundbreaking film.

"The new series goes back the first movie, Alien, for inspiration," said Schultz. "It postulates a secret cabal of independent scientists, the Geholgod Institute, who have managed to tap into Weyland-Yutani files and have learned of the existence of the derelict space ship the crew of the Nostromo discovered in Alien. The Gelholgod conducts its own search and discovers another derelict, to which they send a research expedition, headed by a very ambitious and charismatic scientist, Lucien Keitel. Lucien and his team reach their destination and everything seems well for a time, but then the expedition ceases contact, and the Geholgod turns to the story's heroine, Alecto Throop, to find and recover Keitel and his men."

The research expedition won't necessarily have the easiest time retrieving the absent Kietel -- in part because he may not want to be found and taken away from his research, which revolves around discovering the deadly Alien species. Keitel, as part of his research, begins to explore some previously un-asked questions, "which gets down to the premise of the series," said Schultz. "What's the story behind the Aliens? Where are they ultimately from, and is there an intent behind their contact with the human race? What is their role in the universe?"

This approach is philosophically quite different than most approaches to creatures we don't understand -- particularly those we create for the purpose of portraying as monsters in fiction.

"I can't believe that any creature is inherently evil -- what seems evil to us is actually only not in OUR best interest," added Schultz, "but maybe the universe at large needs Aliens. These are the kind of questions Keitel is addressing."

Schultz has a well-earned reputation for crafting white-knuckle adventures that are also more intelligent than what's considered to be standard comics fare. His involvement in the Aliens franchise is the result of Aliens editor Phil Amara's deep-seated respect for the creator who's best known for his creator-owned Xenozoic Tales (Kitchen Sink), and Amara's current relationship with Schultz editing the outstanding underwater adventure series SubHuman (co-written with Michael Ryan and featuring the art of Roger Petersen).

Aliens: Apocalypse -- Destroying Angels is the thought-provoking and terrifying new four-issue series by Mark Schultz, featuring the art of Doug Wheatley (Myst -- The Book of the Black Ships). Destroying Angels debuts January 27, and heralds a new age of exploration within the world of Aliens that fans of the series won't want to miss.