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This month's spotlight:

Aliens: Special

Aliens: Special coverAliens: Special was released Summer of 1997. It has two different stories in it, 45 Seconds and Elder Gods, both in black and white. I enjoyed each both stories, and here you'll find out a little bit about them, and what I thought of them. In the comic books there was a preview for Aliens: Havok and Alchemy. Now, here are the reviews...

Comic Books Info

Cover Artist: Frank Teran, Cover Colours and Sperations: Jan Fell and Chris Horn, Designer: Harold Graham, Assistant Editor: David Land, Editors: Philip Amara and Scot Allie, Publisher: Mike Richardson

45 Seconds

Writer: Darko Macan
Artist: Frank Teran

Plot: It is basically a dream. A Marine is left, the only one still alive, and he plants a nuke in an egg nest, where he has 45 seconds to escape. While trying to escape, he runs into some problems, including an alien queen. The place suddenly explodes and the queen begins to escape, and the Marine grabs onto the queen and hangs on. The queen in shortly afterwards killed, and the acid from the queen kills the Marine. The Marine then wakes up on a dropship heading to the place he just was in his dream.

Review: I thought this story was great. The artwork is amazing, and is done by Punisher artist Frank Teran. The story itself is great, and is done by Star Wars writer Darko Macan. All-around, this story is amazing.

Check out a sample page of 45 Seconds

Elder Gods

Writer Nancy A. Collins
Artist: Leif Jones

Plot: There's a strange cult that is part of the Omni-Tech colony on Mira Ceti 4. While that group is out digging, they come across a kind of temple, with a statue of an alien queen, and chambers full of eggs. They come back to the colony after becoming hosts for the facehuggers, and the colony then becomes over-run by aliens.

Review: The story itself by Swamp Thing writer Nancy A. Collins is a great one, and if expanded, could of atleast made a great one-shot. The artwork by White Wolf artist Leif Jones, isn't that cool I think. There's good detail, but the people are very strange. He makes the seenery are real and frightening. It's a great story, but it lacks in artwork.

Check out a sample page of Elder Gods