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Your Plots

Welcome to the newest section of Get Infested. This section showcases comic book plot ideas dreamed up by YOU, the readers and fans. So if you would like to have your idea along with the rest of these, e-mail them to me.

6. "The time should be just a year after Ripley died on Fury 161, and a Human terrorist group has formed and has landed on the remains of LV-426. They take some aliens and harness them aboard their spaceship. Then the terrrorists release the aliens into the Earth. Some company members decide it is dangerous, even though they want it, and they team up with colonial marines to go to LV-426, stop all the terrorists there, and start trying to wipe out the aliens. but then, the aliens crash their dropships and APCs, then they have to fend for themselves on the planet until a rescue arrives." - Dave Alutz, December 28th, 1998

5. "More stories with Herk Mondo (Aliens: Mondo Pest and Mondo Heat). Another one-shot or maybe even a four-parter. A whole series with just Herk Mondo in it would be good, but would get very old with him just killing Aliens all the time. BUT, if you also encountered Predators and maybe other Dark Horse Comics characters or something." - Gord Thompson, December 27th, 1998

4. "A story where it focuses on an Alien trying to survive, alone, in a very recently destroyed hive. This could be a one-shot and would be told with letter boxes or just pictures. It would kind of show the Alien 'reflecting' on stuff, and would probably have flash-backs of the destruction of the hive and it's past. Wouldn't be action packed or anything, but would be a very interesting story." - Gord Thompson, December 27th, 1998

3. "A plot where the Aliens actually WIN over the marines with big guns and don't get killed off or lose big time in the end! One where the Queen isn't instantly killed by a beserker or some such thing." - Tim Reynard, December 18th, 1998

2. "The thoughts of a man who is cocooned with no hope of escape and knows they're going to be face-hugged. He or she could be an Alien fanatic, or just some person off the street who doesen't know what the hell is going on." - Tim Reynard, December 18th, 1998

1. "A story told from the Queen's "eyes" maybe her point of view on various things, running the hive, just how smart she really is, how she would view a team of Marines or Predators breaking in, how she feels about other species, her starting a new hive, something like that, would be very surreal and errie, either told with just art, or just letterboxes and art, and would be great." - Tim Reynard, December 18th, 1998