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Fan Fiction

Welcome to the new Fan Fiction section, where you can find and read stories that Alien fans have writen. I have started one myself and will hopefully have a good amount of it up here sometime. I would love to put your fan fiction on my site, if you have any. So if you're interested, please e-mail me about it. Unfortunatly many of these stories are versions of Alien 5, so I would like to see more origional stories, so send 'em in!


Alien Armageddon
by Christian Fowler

After the Betty enters earth's atmosphere in Alien Resurrection, the crew onboard is captured by the government to face prosecutions, but Call manages to escape with help from the others. Ripley No. 8 is sent to a medical facillity for research, while the other two (Johner and Vriess) are sent to prison. The medical center that has Ripley, has also been able to remove some alien eggs from the Betty. A couple of eggs are sold to a military organisation run by a friend of General Perez, while the rest is kept for research. Call gathers her android friends to come and release Ripley so they can destroy the aliens. Meanwhile, a war breaks out in the city where the military organisation is situated. Aliens are set lose, and a several aliens hives are built in the core of the city. A war not only between surivived humans and aliens, but also between the aliens themselves begins. During my story, Ripley 8 has several flashbacks from the previous stories, and she slowly learns who she really is. Also, a whole bunch of frequently asked questions from the previous movies are answered. Oh yeah, and a new rase is introduced but not the way you think it is!

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Aliens: The Struggle
by Christian Fowler

This is a short story Christian started on a little while ago. He hasn't put that much effort into it, as it has just been something to work on in his spare time. The story takes place between the incidents in Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection, so Ripley doesn't show up in this story. Actually, there are hardly any aliens in it either. However, there are a couple of characters in it which you might recognize!

Episode 1

Alien Redemption
by Bartholomew L. Bishop "St. Just"

"St Just"'s script starts about six months before Alien Resurrection. An alien embryo is removed from Ripley #7, and General Perez sells it to a greedy corporation who takes it back to earth to breed aliens. The story then continues after Alien Resurrection. The Betty gets shot down by African fighter jets because Ripley is a dangerous hybrid and Call is a fugitive synthetic. When they crash they land in an African jungle. They come to a very small town where they are able to stay in exchange for their work around the town. Some commandoes from the evil corporation come and capture Ripley and Call, and take them to New England City, a huge metropolis. In the city Ripley and Call discover that the corporation has mutated the aliens into faster, stronger creatures. One of the scientists goes "wacko" and releases the aliens. Another scientist finds out that the aliens are evil creatures, so he releases Ripley and Call. It's too late though, because the aliens have escaped into the city...

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Alien Survival
by Bartholomew L. Bishop "St. Just"

A sequal to Alien Redemption.

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4 Survivors of Aliens
by Timothy Joseph Hopkinson

Here's what Mr. Hopkinson says about his story at his site:
This story takes off after the story in Alien 3. Ripley, Newt, Hicks and Bishop are brought back from their deaths. Ripley decides to call it a day, and preys there are no remaining aliens out there... But on her return to earth with her friends she is drawn back into the nightmare onboard the Colonial Operations State Precinct ship Dallas, which revieves first an order to return to LV-426 to check out a salvage site of an unidentified ship. After a grueling battle she and the remaining C.O.P.S. force find out that it's not over yet, and go in pursuit of a Star Train Container ship. While investigating the ship, The Spirit Of St. Louis, they find it's course is Earth with a secret cargo. The Dallas is sabotaged and explodes leaving Ripley and Newt stranded on board the Spirit of St. Louis with a bedraggled, nervous and weary team of C.O.P.S. However, fortune smiles on the helpless team as the company, Weyland Yutani, found a way to nutralise the alien's acid blood with alkalie. So once again Ripley goes on a life journey...

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Aliens: Hive Busters
by Richard J. Cooper

The story follows a group of Colonial Marines, a crack Hive-Buster squad led by a tough and battle-hardened NCO, Sergeant Alice Hope. There mission is life is singular - exterminate Alien Hives and destroy Xenomorphs. They are one of the few units that maintain the lengendary high standards of the Corps. Ordered by their Commanding Officer, the ruthless, manipulative and greedy General Mace, they embark on a dangerous mission to Earth to retrieve scientific data vital to the General's so-called plans to rid the Eart of the Aliens.
Accompanying them is a highly specialised SEAL unit lead by Mace's hired mercenary, Captain Haige, a dropship crew and a group of civillian scientists and technicians whose conflicting personalities, motivations and orders generate friction and distrust within the group. This sets the stage for betrayel, murder and deciet on the ill-fated mission, while General mace continues to corrupt and conspire his way towards his personal goals and ambitions.
After landing on an isolated and apparently abandoned platform in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Alice and her team journey down into the depths to a huge undersea research facility, to retrieve the information which Mace believes is so vital to his plans. None of them are prepared for what they find. Their straight-forward search-and-clear operation turns into a fight for survival as the Hive-Busters battle against a breed of super-aliens created Mace's misguided researchers.
Alice, and the last of the true Colonial Marines, know they must not only defeat the Aliens, but also bring to an end the evil plans of General Mace.

Check out the promotional site with all the info on it you want.