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The Infest Webring

The Infest Webring

Joining The Infest Webring

1. Go to the Become Infested section and sign up.

2. Then get the ring code from here and put it on the page. Make sure you change the _id_ to your site ID number. ONLY CHANGE THE _id_!!!

3. Your site will be checked, and if it is an Aliens Saga site (or related), with the ringcode on your page.

The Infest Webring is a new webring made for sites from the Alien Saga. It is from Aliens... Get Infested!, a site devoted to the world of Aliens comic books. Although this ring has just started, it will hopefully because bigger and better in the near future. Below are links to areas you may want to visit in the ring.

[ Become Infested ]

[ List of Infested Sites ]

[ Next Infested Site ]

[ Previous Infested Site ]

[ Edit Infested Site ]

This is what the ring should look like:

ALIENS-NET Banner Exchange Programme
ALIENS-NET Banner Exchange Programme

Aliens... Get Infested!

The Infest Webring is copyright (c) Gord Thompson, 1998.

The Infest Webring was made by Aliens... Get Infested! and Webring.